Floating vanities

Hey can anyone please explain the point of these and why it’s not wasting space on the bottom?

All vanities are “wasting space” on the bottom, aren’t they? Is there any vanity that goes all the way to the floor and uses the space? Ours have a cabinet floor that isn’t at the floor, hence “wasted space” between the cabinet floor and the actual floor. Pretty sure that space has supports for the cabinet floor, but it’s not usable.

Also, I would like to clean the whole floor, and not run up against anything, except the wall. I can see getting a floating vanity in the future when we remodel the bath in order to be able to do said full floor cleaning. I would also like the floating toilet style for the same reason.

They tend to make the room look bigger, so work well for small bathrooms

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What if a floating vanity has all the storage space you need/want? Then a full-length vanity is wasting space by being half empty.


Yeah, but with a vanity that sits on top of a cabinet, there is simply less floor to clean. Even if you don’t need the storage, it seems like a time-saver. At least, as long as it’s not stupidly spaced.

I saw a vanity that was like 3 inches from the wall on both sides, leaving two 3 inch strips of floor that must have been super obnoxious to clean. It screamed “owner bought a standard size instead of springing for custom during a remodel”.

But other than something like that, cabinets are mostly nice. As long as there’s enough space somewhere in the home for a litter box.

Oof. Our vanity is almost like that. About a half inch on either side, but counter top runs wall to wall.

Eh, my SO said its fine, and they had the choice to go custom. Imaybe because the small gap isn’t really noticeable.

And both our vanities are off the rack, but coat as much as custom. I don’t think they look out of place.