First car you owned?

1997 white Ford Taurus station wagon

‘96 Mercury Topaz

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1968 Chevelle Malibu two-door hardtop. No power steering, no power brakes, I think it had a gallon of Bondo on it.


1992 VW golf. 4 dr, stick shift. i liked that little car.

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While we are at it how about mother’s maiden name?


one step at a time

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Drove regularly, '67 Chevy Impala

Owned, '83 Mazda 626

Not so much “owned” as “given regular access to” . . .

Won’t mention exact details for security reasons, but my dad was able to buy a modified version of this vehicle that was also purchased by municipal police departments (cough cough Denver Metro cough cough) and was “souped up” to allow for driving at high speed w/o wearing on the engine and the drive train.

Needless to say, I took it “out to nowhere-land” and put it through some paces. Yes, it could accelerate w/o a strain on the engine.

So how many kms do you have on that now?

2006 Saab 93

I believe we sold it off to a junk yard when it was ~25 years old; with well over 200k miles . . . [gets calculator] . . . over 325k km.

Engine did finally wear down, but that was likely due more to poor maintenance on my brother’s and my part though.

First car was a 78 Camaro. I hate camaros now, and hated them then, but it was a thousand bucks. In fairness it had some gidddyup and go.

My buddies son just bought a 76 Vega lol. If a moped was a car, it would be a Vega but it’s a pretty cool car now.

A 2006 Cobalt. No automatic windows, or locks, but the transmission was automatic and that’s all I needed.

Paid it off within a year with my first actuarial internship pay.

It’s actually the only car I ever owned outright. Leased two SUV’s after that, and now have a van financed. But that will be paid off this week.

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1996 Toyota Supra

1973 Volkswagen Thing

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1977 Buick Skylark in an ugly mustard yellow. No idea why Dad liked that color when he bought it but I got it when they bought a Corolla to replace it the year after I went off to college.

1990 Rover Mini, a proper one like the ones in the original Italian Job with Michael Caine.

Nice humblebrag about having kids.

Could it be that he liked that it was a Buick at a really good price? Or was it custom ordered so he had to choose the color?

Baller alert.