Financially justifying tonights (Game 5) Bucks-Suns game

I’m in PHX rn and want to go to the game. But $700 a ticket! My actuary brain is having a hard time throwing that kind of money at a ticket. Been 50 years since Bucks won.

I haven’t been to a basketball game in 8 years. I would have spent at least $150 per game
3-paycheck month

The Suns fans are maniacs too. So there’s that safety issue.

I’m not trying to sway your decision one way or the other…

Is there a Milwaukee-friendly bar in town? It might be safer for your knee caps in addition to your wallet.

I prefer greatly the semi-monthly paychecks at my current job, but those three-paycheck-months were always a nice surprise.

  1. You have a moral obligation to return to the economy that $150/month you have so selfishly been saving

  2. At least this way you know what that extra paychecks will going to a good home. Who knows what will happen to it otherwise?

  3. You clearly need more practice lying to yourself about why you need to spend money on something you really want, and this is a good way to get that practice. You work hard and need to believe you deserve things like this.

Seriously though it’s been a crappy year just treat yourself.

If I could find some other fans to be with I would go. But going by myself seems a bit risky.

If you go, during the Giannis free throw crowd counting, yell out random numbers to confuse the crowd.

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Seriously, though, we work hard for big paychecks that we get to use on things we enjoy. We haven’t had a lot to enjoy for a while…and that’s part of the reason that the price is so high…so, maybe you deserve a break today - get yourself a hot apple pie from mcdonalds, sing along with kool and the gang, and enjoy an overly-priced Bucks game in a strange city among strange people…or save that money for something else that will increase your utility even more…

  1. Wait a few minutes after the game begins, then buy from the scalpers.
  2. If that doesn’t work, go to Crown Public House, watch it there.

Also, CHI-ARI at 1PM today.

I just went to the ticket office. No one can tell me when they open. Might be 2:00. Might be 4:00. Eeerrgh!

I wouldn’t be worried about safety. We probably live in the most fan-friendly country (other than maybe Canada) for away fans in the world.

Would you regret it if you got a ticket and the Bucks were blown out? I assume that if would 100% be worth it if the Bucks win.

I’m figuring out all the logistics. My parents live 30 miles away. But I’m on my way back downtown now to go to the game. It’s warm here. I’m patient. Able to find a bar


:popcorn: did you end up watching in person or at a bar? Did you find other Bucks fans to celebrate with?

Late to the discussion but yes, splurge.

I saw a world series game for my team on a splurge and I have no regrets. It was cool. (Happened to be the clinching game.)

I’m glad I went! Hoofprint Staduim, lol! No one really bothered me. HAd a few “booos” from random people and one guy yelled out “smear the queer”.


I think most parts of the country are pretty chill about visiting fans.

I do recall sitting next to some Red Sox fans at a Mariners game and they were positively shocked that not only were my friend & I nice to them, but we actually shared our homemade chocolate chip cookies with them. (To be fair, a portion of their shock was that we were permitted to bring in outside food, but they were also surprised that we were willing to share… with THEM.)

It’s not like THAT was the reason the Mariners got their asses handed to them that afternoon. It was much more pleasant for us to be nice to those around us. :woman_shrugging:

Glad you enjoyed the game!

I got a beer dumped on me at a Philadelphia-Green Bay game and told to F’off quite a few times. Packers lost that game (didn’t score a touchdown).

That’s Philly. Not all home fans are assholes.

Just remember not to be the boorish guest.

Glad you could get in.


Exactly. I did say most parts of the country. Philly is the city that booed Santa Claus, right?

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