Filed Your Tax Returns Yet?

Or are you the last minute/file for extension type?

We filed in Feb, small refund.

I’ve only filed for an extension once in my life. I don’t recall the circumstances.

Given the midnight deadline, if one needs every hour they can get, they should fly to Hawaii.

A couple years ago I filed close to the deadline, as that year I was forced to file by paper due to someone else claiming one of our dependents. But most years, I file in January or early February.

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Nope. I owe, so I will file close to April 30. :canada:


I did the taxes a couple of months ago. We owe couple hundred dollars. I didn’t file then so I could look to see if I could fenagle something so we don’t owe. I didn’t find anything worth doing for a couple hundred dollars. Forgot about them until last week but was busy last week. I’ll be filing them this afternoon.

I finalized about 3 weeks ago, sent the payment in Friday. Pretty sure this is the latest I’ve ever done taxes, but I knew we were going to owe and spent time trying to figure out how to minimize that.

Child #2 did their taxes last night, sending out today. Could have done previously, but I needed him to be around to do his part. Which … in the future, I may just do his and then have him review it and make sure he’s good with it and then send out, because he :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: through trying to do it, because in general he doesn’t have patience and the more he :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: the more he has the patience of a pissed off rattlesnake.

Did taxes for the bonus kids last night and this morning; one has both returns accepted, the other we’re trying to get their state return accepted - but if it doesn’t, we’re only out $25.

We already got our refund which went to paying our estimated taxes for the next year.

File before end of Feb; get decent sized return by Mid-March.

Filed at the end of march. Never in a hurry to do it, but also don’t want to forget and have to scramble to deal with it near the deadline.

In the U.S. you can file your return immediately and schedule the payment for the filing deadline day (usually 04/15)…that way you can still earn that precious interest on your hard earned money .


filed Saturday - owed Fed, state owed me about the same

i filed 3 weeks ago. refunds both state and fed. not huge, so I feel good about the witholding that is set.

also saved time this year by just assuming the standard deduction and not wasting time itemizing and then using the default.

Calc’d my taxes in late February. Submitted federal then because they owed me. Submitted state on Saturday because I owed them.

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actually prepared them about 3 weeks ago

Filed in early February. While not as cool as the year where federal refund/underpayment exactly equaled 0, my state refund was $1 different than the amount I owed the feds.


Filed shortly after the deadline for all documents to be in. Thankfully after leaving my last company I didn’t need to deal with 2 rounds of corrected W-2s.

Owed like $4,000… I assume it’s a bump in salary that resulted in me underwithholding for salary from my previous employer. Or maybe I’m just withholding wrong. Should check it.

My check is in the mail. :expressionless:

props. the closest i ever got was $50 net between fed and state

Filed a week ago.

Thanks, but in both cases it was dumb luck.

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