File an auto claim against my son?

State Farm confirms that it’s excluded.

Does the 1100 cover removing that dent on the rear driver side door? Is your son’s car really low slung? How did he manage that low of a scrape with his mirror?

it does look like it covered a lot of area for a mirror.

I’d just buy touch-up paint so the car doesn’t rust, and ignore it, personally. We have stuff like that on both our cars. After a couple of weeks I stop noticing new dings.

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure about it being the mirror, even though it definitely has my car’s paint on it. Turns out the rear passenger side of the car around and behind the wheel has a lot more paint, so it wasn’t just the mirror.

I decided I’m going to get it done and make him pay half. I probably should make him pay for all of it, but I’m not going to. Normally his car sits outside on the right side and my car comes out of the garage on the left side (too much stuff in the garage to fit both cars), but I switched positions with him and allowed him to occupy the garage this year since I wasn’t commuting. Next month we’ll switch sides again and I’ll be commuting next winter and tucking my car in the garage again.

I agree Lucy, I normally wouldn’t make a fuss. But the car is new enough and the last picture serious enough that I want it look better and less exposed to midwest winters before it rusts.

MAACO will come closer to $1,250 but I got a second estimate for $3,100 and I probably would not have paid that much.

Yep I was going to say, that’s not covered unless he has his own policy. You can’t to be liable to yourself basically for the exact reason you stated a few posts above. It has to be filed on your collision coverage. My wife backed into my truck in the driveway 4 years ago. $4500 in damage to it and $3000 damage to her vehicle. Me: SMH

All of this.

I can’t imagine filing an ins claim against my kid without at least first giving her the option to pay oop for the damage.

I’d definitely want it fixed. It would bug me. And I’d definitely want her to be accountable and pay something. But I sure as hell wouldn’t want a claim on her record that’s more efficiently handle-able. Why do that?

Heck I gave that level of courtesy to my neighbor recently in an identical situation. :woman_shrugging:

I did give him the option - to pay half. He wasn’t sure he liked that idea. Later I just told him he was going to whether he liked or not, and that was that. He lives under my roof and isn’t going anywhere so it’s not like he can do anything about it.


When my kids have been in similar situations, I’ve explained to them the benefits of paying for minor damage oop instead of filing a claim. And we discussed what was reasonable for them to pony up. Sounds similar to what you’re saying. Mine didn’t give me any pushback though. They know I’m big on accountability. It’s not open for debate.

Related: My oldest recently graduated college, lives on her own and so dropped off my policy and had to get her own. Her final bill was hundreds more per year than the initial quote because she had a ticket on her record that she didn’t tell me about. :roll_eyes:

In all fairness, she handled it on her own, so that’s to be commended. But had she told me about it, I would have advised her to take it to the court house.

That $150 ticket now means $150 + $750-$1000 in addition premiums over the next few years until it drops off. Whereas she could have pled it down to a non moving violation for $300. Ugh. Expensive lesson for her. :-/

We have “traffic school” here to drop tickets. Pay the fine AND enroll in traffic school (can cost more than the ticket) which can now be done online.

Yeah we have similar here. Typically doubles the fine but keeps it off your record.