Fight Scenes

What is the appeal there? Other than wasting a few minutes of screen time.

Mr. NA enjoys them. I think they’re lazy non-storytelling. We are watching through the Bourne movies and these dumb fight scenes keep coming up.

Life is full of having to negotiate and tolerate assholes wit a high cost for physical violence. Sometimes you just want to punch someone in the face. So fight scenes are testosteroney wish fulfillment.

Like, I’ve literally never wanted to punch someone in the face though?

So you never felt anger at a crowd of business men blocking your way? All you need is a nice song and a couple of hammers…

The fight scene in Rocky is quite pivotal. :man_shrugging:

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I like realistic, well choreographed fight scenes (a bit of an oxymoron

I hate slow-mo
I hate repeat contact, shots, especially when in slo-mo
I hate gravity defying martial arts

Holy cow that was gruesome! Never heard of the movie and I have no idea what the context is, but I will for sure run now if I see a lady holding two hammers like that.

The Raid 2. The Raid and The Raid 2 are great fight scene movies, nonstop action.

My spouse likes fight scenes but likes to argue with them, like there’s no way that guy is getting up from that, but yep, the guy gets up and keeps fighting. I use them as an opportunity to get through another page or two of whatever book I’m reading on my phone :shushing_face:

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If Jackie Chan isn’t involved… meh.