FEMA funeral assistance for COVID deaths

Hi all, just a PSA in case you or someone you know lost a loved one to COVID, FEMA is offering disaster assistance in the form of reimbursed funeral expenses. I just found out about this, apparently there isn’t a ton of visibility that this program exists. You can apply for up to $9k in reimbursement and there is no income limit or anything.

You have to first call 844-684-6333, you’ll need the decedent’s information (name, SSN, place of death) and information about yourself, this took me about 20 minutes.

Then go to disasterassistance.gov, create an account, and upload the death certificate and receipts for funeral expenses.

I’m sure I glossed over some things but that’s the general process.


Aw. None of my acquaintance deaths are in qualifying areas. I see there is a way to apply just in case but it’s probably not worth putting that energy into their mind for possible future money.

I don’t think the areas identified at the bottom are the only allowable areas. There’s a box at the top of that linked page that is specific to COVID-19.

As I understand it, this is nationwide, yep.

Well shit. Giving my father a call then, thanks Mathman!

Bummer. My parents pre-paid for my grandfather’s funeral so it wasn’t incurred in the allowed timeframe.

(Also have already pre-paid for their funerals and grave plots… They are so frugal, but often not good with monetary decisions. They’re only in their 60s!)

Bumping for @lucy if this program still going. And again sorry for your loss Lucy.

Thanks. Honestly, my mom’s estate has plenty of money to cover the cremation, and I’d feel weird applying for aid when we don’t need it. But I sent the link to my sister.

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