FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago

FBI raids Mar-a-lago


That should fire up the base as it is another example of the supposed persecution he has to contend with.

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I assume the burden of evidence to get a warrant to raid the former president’s residence is extremely high. It’s not like Wray is some sort of lefty. I don’t think the FBI would make a move like this unless compelled.



That’s essentially what CNN was saying.

I just looked at the Fox website. The top of the page has 8 stories about this raid. Basically, different Republicans condeming it.


I suggest making the Trump raid is own thread, it’s a party big story.

Two weeks ago my fox news watching FIL was repeating the line “if Trump is so bad, why hasn’t he been charged with anything”. My response was that it would cross a very dangerous line because it would be seen as political, and would need clear evidence and a level of urgency to move on him. And now here we are.

Not at all surprised that Republicans quickly made the pivot to say it is all political.


…especially since it happened during a pep rally / cult convention.

If this raid turns out to just be for mishandled classified information, it will probably create more controversy. I’m hoping they were looking for some specific evidence related to other investigations. Not that the DOJ shouldn’t prosecute officials for mishandling classified docs, but with everything else Trump has been involved in that would seem more like petty prosecution to the faithful. Would feel a bit like going after Capone for tax evasion because that’s all they could pin on him.


Yes, it would be very bad if he just simply mishandled the information.

““In mid-January 2022, NARA arranged for the transport from the Trump Mar-a-Lago property in Florida to the National Archives of 15 boxes that contained Presidential records, following discussions with President Trump’s representatives in 2021,” the National Archives said in a statement Feb. 7.”

So he returned some of the records, but not all of them?

There are other stories out there about Trump burning documents in the fireplace and flushing things down the toilet. We also have the deleted texts from the Secret Service and the stories about many of the top officials using burner phones for various communications. But her emails…

All of a sudden Republicans are calling to defund the police. Strange.


Good for the goose, good for the gander. Lock him up.



Hey if he violated black letter law let him pay the consequences. Of course the Dems would have an easier case if they hadn’t been so busy defending Hillary over the emails, which were also an instance of violating black letter law.

I said she should have been prosecuted and convicted for failure to secure classified documents then. From the initial look of things, Trump should be now. If the statute of limitations isn’t up maybe the DNC could talk Hillary into taking one for the team to remove the blatant hypocrisy issue.

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He’s such a dumbass that this seems like a normal response to him being a dumbass.

Like he probably has some more love letters from Kim Jong-un in his safe that he “forgot” to turn over.

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I forget whether the relevant statute of limitations is 2 years or 5 years, but either way…

I don’t know if you are being serious or not, but apparently one of the reasons why the National Archive realized that Trump still had a bunch of stuff in the first place is that they couldn’t find the love letter from Kim Jong-un.


I don’t think we have any idea how similar these two cases are at this point. It seems more of a best case scenario for Trump to have this end up being the equivalence of hillary’s emails, but i am pretty sure the normal white house operations of using burner phones and non official communication channels already rises to equivalence. And so far Republicans have not cared and democrats haven’t cried about it enough to push for an investigation into that.

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I’d think it more likely that at worst it is the equivalent of Hillary’s emails. This sounds like they packed in a hurry when he left the White House and were stupid about it. Getting material that they shouldn’t have in the process. Hillary paid someone to set up a non-sanctioned unsecure email server that then handled classified material while she was Sec of State. Much easier to show intent in that case. The violation is a matter of fact not intent. But generally the consequences take intent into account.

I will say that both show an appalling belief that rules don’t apply to them.

Trump could have returned the files anytime in the last year

Also, weren’t members of the Trump administration also using unsanctioned servers?