Favorite professional fonts

I create a lot of tools for my job, mostly in Excel.
As great as my tools are, I am also very sensitive to their aesthetics, and sometimes I feel like the default/common fonts just don’t do them justice.

What are your favorite professional fonts? I don’t want funny or quirky or cute, I want professional and pleasing to the eye, but also unique (not commonly used or default).

Ideally, I want a separate font for headers vs body. If you have ideas for texts vs numbers those are welcome too.

Thanks in advance!

I like Century Gothic.

Although most of the “Gothics” are decent, I find.

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If you’re gonna go this route, I recommend developing/saving a Theme in Excel.

You can pick out the fonts you want, and also the colorways.

Pretty sweet

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Calibri (not Light) 10-point font for data and 12-pont font for headers, maybe bold or even 14-point font if it deserves it.

Blue for data that is pasted in, red for data that is calculated, black for data that is just pulled in automatically.

Yellow highlighting on red text for major warnings that you may be doing it wrong unless you know what you are doing.

I’m partial to Courier New, but it’s not for everybody.

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I can see the appeal. That looks like a coding font

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Mostly fixed-width fonts. People who use those get paid more you know.

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I’m a big fan of the Lucida family of fonts.

The problem starts when my company does an upgrade to the Office apps and I lose my personalized settings. (Doesn’t happen all that often, but it’s a pain when it does.)

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You too good for Ransom Note font or something???

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Comic Sans or gtfo






Long time ago, I used the Riverside font to add my name to footers in printouts, as it looked similar to my signature.
One day, a new windows/office suite was installed and it was gone.

Good news these days is that I do not make stuff for people who require aesthetics anymore. So, Times New Roman is my go-to, for me to read.

Almost all my work is in Inspira, which I think might be a GE specific font – but it’s quite nice.

Times New Roman!

Although I think I’ve grown more happy with Calibri

Baptismal font at St. Patrick’s in NYC. Can’t get more professional than this…


If I think the product will be printed and read, I’ll use TNR. If meant to be read on the screen I use Calibri. Most of our docs were prepared using Arial, but I always change it.

those are my big 3. im boring

Hieroglyphs are where it’s at; or so I’ve been told.

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