FASLR - Free Actuarial System for Loss Reserving

Hello - I’ve been working on an open source reserving package called FASLR that is hosted on the CAS GitHub:

It aims to support open source reserving engines, although chainladder is the only one at the moment.

Here are some demo gifs of me doing random things in the program:

Basic interface:

Peek 2022-02-21 21-44

Development factor averaging:

Peek 2022-02-21 20-58

There aren’t very many developers on the CAS GitHub and I don’t know too many reserving actuaries, so I thought I should create a thread here to get some feedback and feature requests from the broader community.



Peek 2022-03-07 08-01

The loss development pane now incorporates the selection of development factors and the calculation of ultimate loss. The user can select the LDF by double-clicking on the desired average and can also manually enter their own selection by typing in values into the selected LDF row.

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The interface looks really good. Any progress towards a Windows-supported version? I don’t think it will get much traction using linux

I dunno reserving, but doesn’t that require some horsepower? If so,linux is probably better.

Also, perhaps there’s better opportunity to do a hosted version under linux.

It will be a long time until I can get things packaged into a proper .exe installer since that will require me to select and learn a build system - although the same would actually apply for Linux too. Right now everything is just a collection of Python files and since those are platform-independent you should be able to run the main file and have it work in Windows, although the look and feel will probably not be the same since I haven’t tested it out on that OS yet.

The heatmap feature from chainladder has now been implemented. The user may also now add various link ratio averages underneath the triangle:

Peek 2022-03-13 21-43