Fascinating Topics

Recommend a subject you find fascinating. The more unexpected, the better.

I’ve been down the rabbit hole of 21st century civil war widows. Weird, interesting stuff. Makes you think about marriage in its more historical context rather than a modern one.

I could study Scientology for the rest of my life and not really get it.

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neurobiology. Heard a story on RadioLab this afternoon about the programming for “space” that the brain does automatically. Like, separate neurons fire to tell your brain that it’s pointing forward, versus when it’s pointing to the right, versus when it’s pointing to the left. You’ve heard of facial recognition disorder, apparently there’s also something like a “temporal orientation disorder” that comes on to people sometimes where they think North is East or West, and everything rotates.

The brain is a weird, wild place.


I’m fascinated by the double slit experiment - more so by the different variations of it they have been experimenting with in recent years (like when an entangled particle makes a decision about the other particle before that particle even knows what it’s supposed to do). Fascinating shit.

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Carcinization, convergent evolution of different types of animals into crabs.

Interesting enough for there to be 2 xkcds on the topic

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