Fall 2023 CFE Syllabus (New)

The new CFE syllabus is posted on the SOA website. Here is the link: https://www.soa.org/49aced/globalassets/assets/files/edu/2023/fall/syllabi/cfefd.pdf

Newly-Added Readings
F-158-F23 Hurdle Rate Definition
F-159-F23 A Brief Primer on Financial Reinsurance
F-160-F23 Why Private Equity Sees Life and Annuities as an Enticing Form of Permanent Capital
F-161-F23 Bank Profitability
F-162-F23 Procurement, Early Warning Systems, and the Next Disruption
F-163-F23 Financial Institutions and Nonfinancial Risk: How Corporates Build Resilience
F-164-F23 Ch 18 Case Studies from Operational Risk Management: A Complete Guide to a Successful Operational Risk Framework
F-165-F23 Decentralized Finance: On Blockchain- and Smart Contract-Based Financial Markets
F-166-F23 Ch. 8 DeFi Insurance from Decentralized Insurance, Feng, Runhuan., 2022
Online Reading Nested Stochastic Modeling for Insurance Companies (excluding Appendices)
Online Reading Return on Capital Enhancement Opportunities for the Life Insurance Industry

Removed Readings
Corporate Finance Ch.25 Leasing
F-135-19 Why are the Parts Worth More than the Sum; “Chop Shop,” A Corporate Valuation Model
F-136-19 Corporate Value Creation, Governance and Privatisation, Ch. 4
F-147-20 Chapter 11 of Modelling in Life Insurance a Management Perspective
F-148-20 A Guide to Risk Measures, Capitol Allocation & Related Decision Support Issues
Implementing ERM from Methods to Applications Ch.9 Ch. 9: Role of the Board

You can find more details about the changes in syllabus over the past few exam sittings in our PAK CFE Suggested Study Schedule.