Fall 2021 Thread

I don’t see a fall thread so I guess I’ll start one.

Also, some questions:

Does anyone have a list of DTLs? I can’t really find anything comprehensive. I’ve seen a couple in questions (unrealized cap gains x tax rate, for example) but can’t find the rest.

Second: I saw somewhere that unauth reins recoverables are not recognized as an asset on the GAAP bal sheet. Is that true? Really weird and seems like that would make more sense for SAP. Is that also true for SAP?

I’m sure I will have more ?s as I keep studying but I just wanted to say hey to everyone.

Guess everyone from the Spring thread passed since this one has been nothing but crickets


I didn’t feel as good coming out of the exam as I was going in. How do you guys fancy your chance of passing ?

I think I passed, but not by much, it was tough. When do you think we expect results? Late Dec?

I have a feeling if it is not by mid Dec then we will have to wait until early/mid Jan next year. Did you manage to attempt all the questions ?

I answered all questions.

In hindsight, I know I butchered one question. So I know I got most of that one wrong. It wasn’t a ton of points.

At the end of my exam I counted, and there were at most 7 points that I think I missed / had a good chance of missing . everything else, I felt pretty confident on. Not sure if this is good or bad performance.