Fall 2021 FSA CBT issues

Anyone else having issues at prometric? I was lucky enough to avoid the issues for the last couple of sittings. I would’ve thought they’d have the kinks worked out by now, but I guess not 100% yet.

Waiting in the lobby while they work with prometric tech support for now.

hang in there. Keep your composure.

I had almost a 1 hr delay last sitting. Stay focused, you can still do this.

I had issues too on Thursday last week. Prometric was on the phone with support for 2 people when I arrived and I was problem #3. It was a 20 minute delay for me, but once the test started everything ran fine. I will submit a complaint to the SOA about it anyways.

I’m sorry and hope it works out for you. And good luck!

Thanks guys! They did end up figuring it out. It took a little over an hour.

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I emailed the SOA and they have a form to fill out for these issues now.

Ok, I’ll look into submitting something as well.

I had two small delays My first delay was 5-10 minutes and 2nd one 15-20. I wasn’t quite at my best for part C but not sure if it was because of the delay or cramming/lack of sleep.

Which exam did you take?

I felt decent after the delay for FV-A, but FV-C check-in went smoothly and I definitely struggled more with that portion.

I’m on FV.

I also felt like FV-C was harder. Last time around FV-C felt much easier (suspect it was a 5 and a 6 and they thought the pass rate was getting high and rounded me down). I suppose I could have done well, the calc problems were just so unusual I have no idea how I did relative to the pack. Whereas A the two hard ones I felt I hung in there and got a decent amount of partial credit, even though my answers were surely wrong.

That’s exactly how I felt. I felt pretty good about my qualitative FV-C answers, but I didn’t get very far on a couple of the quantitative questions.

Are we allowed to talk specifics yet or are we still in the exam window?