Fall 2020 exams are now available on the SOA website

At least the ones which are usually released are. https://www.soa.org/education/exam-req/syllabus-study-materials/edu-multiple-choice-exam/ They also have the Excel files for the CBT fellowship exams.

No solutions yet.

As before, the CBT exams which reuse questions are not released (preliminary exams and GIINT).

What’s weird to me is that they weren’t consistent with what was in the Excel files. I took GHSPC, and the Excel file had a tab for each Excel question, but the tabs were blank (other than text saying “Provide answer here for ____. Show all work.”). Looking at GHDPA just now, the entire questions, including tables, were already copied into the Excel file.

That does sound weird.

FV excel files are consistent with exactly what was provided at the exam.

Solutions are finally posted.