Fall 2020 Exam 6

This means I pass automatically right?

Could you data call ppl stop data calling so I can study tho? Kthx.

Top 2 posters always pass, so start getting that post count up.

Been reviewing just fine to this point. Helping wifey prep for dissertation defense next week (which largely means keeping tiny baby busy on my own), then back on the hard grind through exam time. Getting an ACAS and a PhD in the same house in the same year would be neat (I know I probably won’t technically get credentials until 2021 with time to grade and apply with CAS, but it’s close enough).

Hopefully there’s someone else who finds their way here to commiserate. amp doesn’t count…you’ve already passed this!

Behind. Cruching this weekend.

Funny how I’ve been studying for 13 months basically and I’m also behind. Every time I read COPFLR it feels like it’s the first time reading it. This paper is the worst.

Not feeling good about my chances of passing this sitting. I took the entire Thanksgiving week off work and I’ll only be spending one day with my parents, so I’ll see if I can fit in 40 hours of studying or so that week.