Facemasks for playing sports again...?

Anyone on here gotten back to any recreational activities that still require masking up? Starting back up with our old people soccer league but masks are still required while playing. Curious if anyone else has done anything similar and has found any particular brand of mask better than others for the sporty things. Some of the typical sports brand names ones (UnderArmour in particular) have gotten awful reviews.

I was watching the Gold Metal Women’s Volleyball game and noticed that one of the Brazilian women wore a mask while out on the floor playing. I couldn’t tell what brand it was.

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If facemasks are required (and by that I mean, objectively, using science as the guide) for a sport, that sport should probably not be played at all.
The Delta variant just might be that contagious, though.

Some sport like “professional mosh-pitting.”

Our local soccer leagues (outdoors not densely packed) won’t require masks. When I referee, I won’t wear one, but I’ll have a mask connected to a strap chain if I need to get close to a coach or player.

We start in a few weeks. I am still skeptical that we’ll have a season, what with the Delta surge.

I share the skepticism on it actually starting. The mask thing comes down to a political debate at the state level that I won’t get into, and it may or may not actually still be a thing if/when we start playing.

I participate in a sport where some groups are doing it wearing masks, and others have dropped the masks. But we are talking about stopping, due to delta.

The wife and I used bandanas for a 10K race that required face coverings at the starting line. This was during that lull before delta when I had hope the pandemic was ending. Next time I’d want to check up on the latest info on whether the current strains spread outdoors before choosing a mask.

Bandanas are convenient for quickly covering and uncovering, with less of a suffocating feeling when breathing hard. I also found them nice when running in sub-freezing conditions to keep the air you inhale from being painfully cold. I doubt they provide much actual protection from disease though.

I like Starks masks for exercising if it’s not too warm:
$12.95 | Stark’s Face Covering | Free Shipping | Buy 4 Get 1 Free (starks.com)
They can be cozy when it’s cold, or a little uncomfortably warm when it’s hot and muggy, but they are easy to breath through and claim decent filtration. Also, the nose-cover helps avoid fogging my glasses.

Might give those a shot. It’ll be at least in the 70s even at night when we play so we’ll see. Bandana also sounds like a good option.

A bandana won’t provide any actual protection, if that’s part of your goal.