FA Google Group Dec 18 - 21

I will create a google group. Anyone who would like to take the final assessment right before Xmas, PM or leave your email here.

Update: we are 66 people, hopefully at least half of us are taking it.

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I’m planning to proceed on FA during this week end.
my email: a.lazrak@live.fr
Thank you very much

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I would like to be added to the study group!
email: lswe94@gmail.com

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I’m planning to start on 16th Dec. Kindly add me to the group too.
My email address: rameenfatimakhan96@gmail.com

All set!

Please add me to the group too.
my email is: yfwang1996@gmail.com


This would be great!


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Please add me to the group.malarsr2001@gmail.com

I would like to be added as well please, amandasukhu@live.com. Thank you. Looking forward to working with you guys!

Thank you for adding me to the group. I think because I’m using a hotmail account I can’t access via the link Google sent to my email. Can you please add amandatatianasukhu@gmail.com instead?

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Planning on taking FA next weekend. Could you please add me in?
Email address: arwenzhen@gmail.com

Taking it too Fcand334@gmail.com please

if someone could add me to this group so i have access to it while finishing my FA, that would be helpful. thank you!


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Please add me to the group, please. Thanks in advance.

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