FA Google Group Dec 11-14

Hello, send me a PM or reply with your email if you are interested to join a Google group!


You’re welcome to start threads as a jumping off point for study groups on google. However if there’s something we can do to accomodate you here, lmk. It’s become apparent that retaining posts on studying is important for future students (since we’ve just lost so much recently). It’ll be retained and searchable here, not so much on google groups.

To add to SpaceLobster’s post:

Making a “private” group here isn’t difficult as the PM functionality basically makes a thread “private”. Only those invited to that discussion can see what’s there.

Hi, I plan to do the FA on 10-13. Could you please add my email pongtakorn.t@gmail.com to the google group?

Since i have not yet been added to the group, I create the group for some one taking FA during this period. Anyone interested to join can use the following link. https://groups.google.com/u/1/g/fa-1210---1213