Extracting text from an image pdf

Does anyone know a good way to extract data from a pdf - not a pdf with forms and such, but one created from a scan?


Have you tried dropping it in OneNote? You said it’s an image, so I’m assuming it’s not a lot of stuff you need to extract, pages and pages or some such. You could even use the snipping tool, and only put that in OneNote, and then extract text from image.

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You need ocr software. Google, or your scanner may have a utility.

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Yeah, I often drop images into OneNote and then right-click: “Copy text from picture”

It does a so-so job.

I just tried that and the couldn’t find a “Copy text from picture” option when I right-click.


I have Office 365 on Windows

Yeah - that option doesn’t show up for me. I’ve tried in on Windows and Mac. Maybe I’m uploading the file to OneNote wrong.

I’m generally not uploading a file, I’m taking a picture with the snipping tool and copy/pasting it in, then doing the right click copy text from picture as shown in the image above.

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Yeah, I take a screenshot and paste the bit I want to extract into OneNote as a picture. I don’t open it as a file, or any such thing.

I tried that and it’s still not working. I can get it to work with different pictures, but not with screenshots of this particular pdf.

Ultimately, it’s not really that important. Thanks for the ideas.

Sometimes OneNote doesn’t detect the text. I usually have to manually repair bits of even the clearest text in a picture. Their OCR isn’t all there yet.