Exper health actuary looking for part-time temporary work

I’m looking for some ad hoc project work or other part time work to provide me a little income while I’m getting my (non-actuarial) business going. I have extensive experience with health care claims data, both in actuarial work and in health services research work. I’m an FSA with long tenure at an insurance company (I left there to pursue a related interest several years ago).

If you know of job boards that your company uses to find candidates for this sort of work, I would appreciate knowing that as well. Perhaps Upwork or Fiverr?

Please message me if you’d like to connect with me about possibly hiring me.

Thank you.

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Haven’t had any success with this as a credentialed actuary. On fiverr, you are no long an actuary and instead a small consulting business that does data analytics. There are some actuarial one offs but not many

Thank you. That’s good to know. At this point, the flexibility of contract work is more important than making big bucks as an actuary, but I don’t want to scrap for pennies, either.

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Can I ask what that biz is? Just curious.

Best thing I’ve ever done with my business is get accepted to a strong business incubator. Full slate of very experienced mentors, including sales, internet marketing, hr, and finance.

Not that I agree with everything the mentors say (they shake their head at me sometimes), bit when I do listen, their advice is invaluable.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I have a coach, who has been very helpful.

I will have various income streams from my business - premium podcasting, consulting, speaking, etc. I consider my actuarial background to be foundational, and I have added more expertise to it.


I like your enthusiasm. BUT, your ad says, to me, “I need money and once I get my business going, whoever hired me will get flicked!”

Yes. That’s why I’m looking for temporary or freelance / contract work so that I am not making a long-term commitment.

If you leave this industry they kick you to the curb. Going in, you might think a credential is like a membership badge for life. It’s not. It’s the unspoken rules of corporate America. Don’t start a business. Don’t leave. Don’t be different. Walk the party line.

Being an entrepreneur is a threat to what they believe in and you are seen as a liability

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You may be right. I don’t expect to ever work as a corporate actuary again. But the credential does lend credibility to my expertise broadly, from what I’m seeing.

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Meh. I left for years and went back, and know several who have done the same. (All uncredentialed though). As long as you don’t burn bridges/work for total aholes you can generally find your way back.

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