Expensive ironing board

When I went to college, my mom packed me some ironing board that probably cost like 5 bucks or so. I still use it, like it has legs that you can prop it up on and as far as I know it does its job.

Just out of curiosity I was looking up how high they could get as far as cost goes and the most expensive model I found was $2600.

Alright, now that I’m an adult with money, I could totally get this. But is it worth it? Will it make my ironing experience 520 times better? Will it make me cry at all the years I spent as a budget-ironing peasant? What does it have that my current board is missing?

If you want to be baller with the ironing to show off your sweet, sweet cash flow . . . dry cleaners.

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$2,600 ironing boards are for suckers.

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Ironing is for suckers.


It’s not worth it. You know better.

Think of the iron you need to buy.

We only clicked on the thread to see the post to the expensive ironing board. :frowning:

do people even iron that much any more?

can’t imagine what an expensive board does unless it is heated or steams

Ironing has plummeted since covid times imo

I think that’s it.

I found commercial ironing presses that were more, but I think this is the most expensive ironing board I could find. $2,466 on Amazon; more with other retailers.

But it is an iron, steamer, ironing board all in one and it self-descales, which I didn’t know was a thing.

It better iron my shirts for that price

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\textcolor{red}{\text{It's all about the brand name an its associated status value.}}

Don’t need to descale with a real iron

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