Excel spreadsheet that calculates life reserves

I could probably put one together myself, but there must exist somewhere out there an Excel spreadsheet that calculates term life reserves.

To be very specific, I want to use…
Mortality: 1980 CSO ALB M/F
Interest: 4.00%
Premiums & Benefits for 15 years
CRVM, Mean, Semi-continuous

If you have one & are willing to share it with me, kindly send it to actuary1695814 [at] gmail.
If you know of one that exists in the wild on the internet, a link would be helpfully nice.



Probably need to build it yourself.

Time to get out the Bowers text.

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Come on, you mean Jordan, you know it.


I used to have great SOA version for reserves and cash values. It was DOS based but with one of the Windows upgrades, it died. Sorry.

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Sorry. I’m old, but not THAT old.

I actually have a dos- program that does it…it’s just that it’s clumsy to use as you would expect a dos based program to be…hence this thread

We could have a contest to see who could make it the fastest.
What are your data inputs, in columns of a spreadsheet?

Probably would take someone 15 minutes.


…the only other inputs are “issue age” and “sex”.

Outputs are reserves by duration.

If I were able to only calculate one policy at a time I would still be happy with that.

That is not a data input; that is the tool.
OK, so your data columns will be:
Some Policyholder Number
Birthdate (need to know current age, right?)
Issue Date
Policy Amount
Annual Premiums

(Could have been done by now… by some life actuary, not me.)
How many rows will your data be? Will determine whether to do them line-by-line with
a macro or not.


So can i take the shortcut of saying crvm for 15y term is fpt?

Yeah, I think our underwriters are that good. This thread is closed…unless it gets opened again.