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Yeah, this is sort of the inevitable use. In general, I am not a fan of files with 20 identical tabs, though they do pop up a lot. One way around it is to have them and the exhibit both read from the same table.

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Not sure what you mean by variable?

It’s a reference.
So if A1 = cell(“address”,x10), then the value of A1 will be “X10”.
And if you copy that to the right, then B1 will be “Y10”, and so on.

The original question was asking about writing a formula to pull the data from a cell where the column value is a variable. And you still appeared to be trying to answer that question by providing an alternative to using INDIRECT. I don’t see how your formula works when the column value is a variable entered into the cell that is being referenced.

No, I didn’t mean to suggest an alternative. I meant as way of helping indirect statements. You use cell() to get “X”, for example.

I’ll have to look at that. Not that I use Excel anymore. I have “people” for that these days :wink:

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I don’t know if this is a coincidence but yesterday when I used the Indirect formula, my hard drive crashed for good. My PC is at the PC doctors right now. Read it into that as you will.


I got you covered with getting this in the right (sub)forum.

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