Exam PA prep

For Exam PA, what resources and study methods have you found to be effective?


I used the ACTEX manual (read through multiple times) and made my own flashcards. The flashcards were really helpful for pros/cons or general steps. Interpretation-type questions are important on the exam. The SOA module slides aren’t very helpful, though I did read them after the actex material so it was more of a review. As the true first pass though, it wouldn’t do much good.

I practiced the code in the actex manual too and then the old exams/sample projects. It’s a hard test to prepare for - they give you most of the code but you still need to understand it and write a bit of your own.

For the Dec 2019 exam at least, the two days had slightly different tests- ie Day 1 had a “do A discuss B” section and Day 2 had a “do B discuss A” section. Other parts were the same (numbers may differ). It’s worth checking out both versions to get practice on those differences.

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