Exam P January 2021

I thought I would start this thread for any students who are writing January 2021. It can be a good place to ask questions or discuss your progress.

Syllabus for the exam: https://www.soa.org/globalassets/assets/files/edu/2021/2021-01-exam-p-syllabus.pdf

Key concepts to review from you math/stats classes before starting (here’s my video covering the main topics for review https://youtu.be/UDOhJPhpJqQ):

  • quadratic formula, exponent rules, ln(x) and e^x
  • L’hopital’s Rule, limits
  • derivatives, chain rule
  • single variable integration, integration by parts, u-sub (not really used as you can likely do without, but why not)
  • multi variable integrals, partial derivatives (for Jacobian)
  • infinite geometric series

Plug for my new course: https://xpactuarial.com/exams/

I will be putting together a spreadsheet that you can use as a study schedule and track your progress. I will either link it here or upload to my website for you to grab.

Thanks and good luck studying!

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Any updates on Part 2?