Exam confidentiality rules

Can anyone point to the exact terms we agree to when we sit for an exam, regarding nondisclosure of exam questions? I can’t find it on the CAS website, just that we have to agree to them before registering.

do you mean this?




There’s also this, starting on page 27:

Thanks. #8 in the first link says

A Non-Disclosure Agreement or other security statement may be presented to you before the test begins. If so presented, you must read, acknowledge, and agree to the terms and conditions of such document within the specified time limit, if applicable, in order to begin your test. Should you not agree, you will not be permitted to proceed with taking the test and you may forfeit your test fee. If you select “DECLINE,” your test session will immediately end.

I’m looking for a copy of that NDA. I think it’s closely related to your other link (page 27), though that’s the discipline policy, not the actual NDA, which I believe is similar but not quite the same.

I’m trying to recall if there was a separate NDA the last time I sat, and I don’t remember seeing one other than a printed laminated version of what was in that first link, sorry…