Exam 6I - Self Notes

Hi, just sharing some notes/reading summary that I drafted for my Exam 6I preparations:
6I_A_Regulation.pdf (2.0 MB)
6I_B-E_QuickNotes.pdf (1.0 MB)
6I_ExamQ6U.pdf (388.8 KB)

Does not contain the following readings:

  • Market Analysis: did not summarise the reading completely.
  • Materials under 6U (I used an old 6U study manual for these readings, but the questions and sample answer from CAS past exam help me in preparing for those types of questions)
  • Materials that may be covered by other readings (e.g. IAA Solvency is covered partly by IAIS 5.6.1 and NZ; IAN100 covered partly by IFRS Study Note).
  • I used the actual readings for the Solvency & IFRS17 study note (+ excel examples), EY PAA Sample, NAIC IAIG, IFRS17 RI example & pocket guide, directly as my study notes, so I did not make another summary for these.

May have some typo in the notes, but hope it can help anyone who is intending to take this exam.

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