Exam 5 Fall 2021 Discussion Thread

Here goes on my 9th attempt at this exam.

9th time? Surely that’s got to be a typo? O_O

No you read that correctly, 9th time.

Hi guys,

We hope this might be an innovative way to study for this exam. We are creating an engine that generates exam questions using past exam 5 questions as templates. We also have a nifty little way of switching between theory and calculation questions. Everything displayed can be easily copied to Excel as well. We are hoping to get any feedback from you guys. It’ll most likely be online only until Sep 30,2021.See link below

I can’t figure out how to make my own post so I’m just replying to yours. Can someone explain problem 1 from the Fall 2019 exam? I don’t understand the solution. I tried to do it using the written exposures assuming all policies are written on the first day of the quarter, but that doesn’t give you the right answer.

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Hey actuarymelissa, what did you think of the exam? I hope you passed

Ooof, a 29% pass rate

Wow no wonder I failed again!! I’ll be going into my official 10th attempt. Maybe they’ll be nice and provide a higher pass rate for once.

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I’m afraid I didn’t pass yet again. I plan to retake Spring 2022 for the 10th attempt.