Exam 5 Exhibits from the Reserving & Ratemaking Source Texts in Excel


We put together some free resources we think you’ll find helpful as you study for Exam 5.

We created Excel versions of all the case studies from the Werner Ratemaking and Friedland Reserving syllabus textbooks. This is one of the workbooks:
Dropbox link to the Werner Appendix A workbook

I think you’ll find them very helpful for studying to see more clearly how the exhibits and methods work. We have those on the Rising Fellow site for free as a resource for Exam 5 takers:

There is a simple email form you can enter and you’ll get all the exhibits emailed to you along with an extended excerpt of our new Exam 5 Cookbook and a few other study resources.

Below is a summary of all the exhibits:

Werner Ratemaking Exhibits

  • Appendix A - Auto Indication
  • Appendix B - Homeowners Indication
  • Appendix C - Medical Malpractice Indication
  • Appendix D - Workers Compensation Indication
  • Appendix E - Univariate Classification Example

Friedland Reserving Exhibits

  • Ch. 7 - Development Technique
  • Ch. 8 - Expected Claims Technique
  • Ch. 9 - Bornhuetter-Ferguson Technique
  • Ch. 10 - Cape Cod Technique
  • Ch. 11 - Frequency-Severity Techniques
  • Ch. 12 - Case Outstanding Development Technique
  • Ch. 13 - Berquist-Sherman Techniques
  • Ch. 14 - Recoveries: Salvage & Subrogation
  • Ch. 15 - Evaluation of Techniques
  • Ch. 16 - Estimating Unpaid ALAE
  • Ch. 17 - Estimating Unpaid ULAE

Good luck studying!