Everything Tableau

I am likely to start using Tableau to create a public facing dashboard. I didn’t see a dedicated thread so I figured I would start one for questions and if anyone wants to share tips, tricks, resources, etc.

My first question is training courses. I see a beginner course on Udemy for $20 (on sale through the end of the day). It looks like Tableau itself has a $120/user/year option as well that would include more advanced training. Has anyone ever used either or have recommendations for others?

everything you need to know about tableau you can find googling

i would try to find and copy a dashboard on the web. that would be the best training you can get

Down with Tabbleau! Up with SAS Visual Analytics!

I did like the tableau elearning option. I took the fundamentals, intermediate and advanced courses. I thought it was thorough and had good exercises. It included stuff that I would never think to Google (as I didn’t know it was a possibility). It took me about 6 weeks to get through it, doing about an hour a day.