Everybody Poops

And COVID people poop COVID. Not contagious, but this story says it is a leading indicator.

So, why don’t we test feces instead of our noses?

I certainly support more sewage testing. It has its limitations to be sure, but I think it could be particularly useful to test the sewage at schools and particularly college dorms and military barracks.

Instead of testing every student at a given college, test the sewage from each dorm and then focus on testing the students living in the dorms that test positive.

You can test the sewage daily as there’s a lot fewer dorms than there are students. Then you can better focus your testing resources.

The Chinese have done anal swabs in some cases. And sewage probably can spread the disease.

I’d rather have a nasal swab than an anal swab, personally. Especially if I’m doing drive through testing.

I already told this story on the AO:

I was having some surgery done a good 10 years ago during another virus scare. The nurse gave me 2 swabs for my nose and my backside. As I’m swabbing my nose behind the curtain, she yells out, “You only have to go around the butt, not inside it.” :laughing:

I’m here for my covid test!

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But we’re not talking about anal swabs. We’re talking about testing sewage. Like pulling a sample out of the sewer pipes in your neighborhood and testing it.

I know Boston was testing sewage at one point… I assume they figured out how to do it safely. Even if there’s not a global pandemic, anyone dealing with sewage always needs to be careful.

You are talking about sewage testing, which i support. (In fact, I wrote to my governor in July suggesting the state should do it.) Dr. T non fan was talking about diagnostic testing, “why don’t we test feces instead of our noses?” He was probably joking, but I was responding to him.

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Everyyyyyybody Pooooooooops…

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Huh? DTNF’s opening post in this thread was about testing sewage. His question was in response to an article about testing sewage. The feces he was referring to are the ones already in the sewer. Maybe you missed that?

I miss some of the old emojis. Like :oyh:

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I went to my local Costco today. they were out of wipes and paper towels and had very little toilet paper left.

Grocery store here was very low on bread. I guess people are worried about violence after the election. Fortunately I know how to make my own bread!

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I am anxious about disruptions after the election, but I started stocking up a few weeks ago. I had no trouble buying a lot of milk, fruits and veggies (you know, stuff that doesn’t keep that well) on Sunday.

I somehow forgot to buy milk last night, so I think I will head back today and buy both fresh and canned milk before the polls close. (Canned for cooking) Probably not necessary but we are down to only a cup or two of milk left anyway. Always a debate whether to get a half gallon or a gallon but I will spring for the gallon this time.

It’s more motivating me to get to the store before the cupboard is completely bare than really stockpiling. No harm in starting the post-electioncy (is that a word) with a fully stocked fridge & pantry.

I’m going to the store today, but not for Armageddon.

“post-electioncy”: I approve of this word.