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Announcement from EuSpRIG for their 2023 conference

EuSpRIG 2023 – Worldwide Spreadsheet Experts Meet in London
to discuss “The Spreadsheet Crisis: Regaining Control”

London, UK - 6th June 2023 - The European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group (EuSpRIG), is holding its 2023 conference on the theme of “The Spreadsheet Crisis: Regaining Control” on the 6th July 2023 at the Foundling Museum, 40 New Brunswick Street, London. Presentations include a keynote speech by Andrew D. Gordon and Jack Williams of Calc Intelligence, Microsoft Research, on the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence in Excel.

News of the conference follows today’s reports of the overturning of an Austrian election result on account of a spreadsheet error. Hans Peter Doskozil was leader of the Austrian SPO political party for less than 48 hours before being replaced by Andreas Babler following the discovery of the spreadsheet error.

EuSpRIG is a forum for business people, regulators, auditors, academics and other interested parties to share information and ideas about the management of spreadsheet risks, related problems and opportunities. There are eight 45-minute sessions in this years conference including six presentations by an international panel of experts from the UK, USA and Europe. Papers and topics include reducing errors in Excel models by component-based software engineering; a usage taxonomy for analytical spreadsheet models; subject integration into spreadsheets; Excel as a Turing-complete functional programming environment; the use of ChatGPT for formulae generation and the risks of experimenting with ChatGPT for spreadsheet formulae generation. A Question-and-Answer session rounds off the one-day conference.

About EuSpRIG

EuSpRIG offers Risk Managers the world’s only independent, authoritative & comprehensive web- based information describing the current state of the art in Spreadsheet Risk Management. We run a well-established annual conference which provides a forum for researchers, practitioners, trainers, vendors, consultants and auditors. EuSpRIG’s entire peer reviewed proceedings are published on the publicly accessible Cornell University repository EuSpRIG provide speakers and content for professional societies, associations, conferences and journals. EuSpRIG is a not-for-profit organisation governed by an elected committee operating under the terms of a written constitution. Committee members include senior managers and directors of leading accounting firms and senior academics from European Universities.

Further information about EuSpRIG, including the conference programme and booking information is available at
EuSpRIG Contact
Partick O’Beirne, EuSpRIG Chair, +353 86 835 2233,
Grenville Croll, EuSpRIG Committee, +44 7512 917158,

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