Escape Speed (XKCD)

Don’t want to spoil too much. I’ve spent a few hours on this.

Only words of advice:

  • Grabbing the star tokens will upgrade your ship and eventually make it trivial to launch off of anything except black holes.
  • The small dots around your ship correspond to points of interest nearish you. More white = closer.|
  • Slow down before approaching areas you want to land
  • Landing fully replenishes fuel
  • Your save will persist as long as you don’t clear your cache (and are not in Incognito.)
  • Use the Home button if you get stuck in a black hole or other area you can’t handle yet.
  • Boston is currently cloaked and needs to be uncloaked (hint, look for West Virginia), then the tunnels in Boston opened up by finding “T” tokens at all the Bostons (only once it’s uncloaked).
  • Yes, the Space Museum does have a black hole that will trap you, but there’s also a few upgrades down there

Thanks for sharing. It amazes me that he still produces stuff as cool as this.

When you say “star tokens” are you talking about the dots?

Nope, dots are for fun. You’ll see “coins” about 4x the size with stars in the center. They’ll increase engine thrust, recharge speed, etc. Eventually you only need to worry about going where you want in the presence of a black hole. (maybe there’s more I’m not aware of)

Ok, I haven’t seen that yet so I guess I have to explore more. I figured out how to launch into space, but I don’t get very far before falling back down.

Once you get off-planet and find 4 or 5 upgrades it gets much simpler. I’m probably up to 25ish now, I’m guessing I have over half. Currently I’m trying to open up the last portion of Boston…

I’ve gotten a few upgrades now. Pretty addicting :slight_smile:

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I got stuck in a place that looks like the North Sea. I have one upgrade, seems interesting so far


I finally unlocked all of MIT/Boston and got the hyperdrive, vrooom!
Time to try to break out of the universe

Broke through the edge of the universe. Makes sense now, I needed the hyperdrive to escape the gravity, I tried my damndest before but it wasn’t possible. There is more there. To be explored later!

wow, that’s crazy. I started reading through this reddit thread about the game too:

I just found Morgantown and the cloaking device. This comic/game is fantastic.

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I gave up after 10 minutes originally, clearly have to go back!

The edge of the universe has 1 upgrade on the entire perimeter. And a secret.

Thoroughly enjoyable. Made it out past the edge and lol’d at all the Star Wars comics.

Was able to escape the universe without hyperdrive but still not strong enough to escape the black hole

Interesting, I thought that was only possible via a wall-collision glitch, not via the intended path.

I still have not discovered the planet outside of the universe. I think it’s on the opposite side of the sphere from the opening and just haven’t put the time in, it’s apparently quite difficult to get to.

This is a pretty cool map that can show you where all of the items and messages are.

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