Epson ET-2500 ink pad end of service life

I need to improve my chances of being helped, so I’m double posting this topic from the AO:

I got this message today while cleaning the print heads on my Epson ET-2500 :

" A printer’s ink pad is at the end of its service life"

Some googling tells me I’ve got to clean the pads and then fork over about $10 to some shady internet companies to reset some counter inside the printer.…oducts_id=1138

…are two sites that I found.

There’s also this one,, which has the same “Start Live-Chat” pop up with “Lisa” as the 2manuals site.

Cleaning the pads looks easy enough. (…e8dIlw&index=2)

I’ll probably fork over the $10 and pray that the utility provided is not actually a virus from mother russia or big brother china.

Share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions in the comment box below!

Did you contact epson directly?

no…the internet tells me that they’ll just have me bring it to a certified epson repair store and they’ll charge me oodles of dollars to fix something I could just as easily do myself.