EPL Standings Contest

Yes, we need some relegation-level participants!

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Just saw this now but the deadline for entries has passed. I just don’t follow go actuary much.


Going to admit, I thought about kicking Aston Villa back but I’m (sort of) buying into the talk that they won’t miss Grealich. [But, they will.] Do think Arsenal will be crappy enough to be nowhere near the top, but still good enough through … rea$on$ … to be near mid-table.

Also buying into the notion that Norwich City will somehow survive relegation (for a season) and not yo-yo back down. I might regret not taking them for a normal bottom-3 spot.

Arsenal fans have to be down. Spurs fans up. Sell Kane, use it wisely (see Coutinho, not Bale transfer). Liverpool, Chelsea and ManU all solid. It appears Pogba might play this year.


Team Score
Ted Hoffman 43
538 44
traina 46
Jaheigel 46
AbstractActuary 47
Win Diesel 48
dr t non-fan 49
Kid Rock 50
sylvos 51
IPD 53

Yes. Spurs fans are pretty high after yesterday’s game but we also fear we may have peaked even earlier than usual this year….hope Kane situation gets settled soon.

Week 2 Standings

Team Score
traina 36
Jaheigel 38
538 40
AbstractActuary 42
IPD 42
Ted Hoffman 45
Win Diesel 46
sylvos 46
Kid Rock 48
dr t non-fan 51

Chelsea are going for the title, let’s get it!

Woohoo! :fireworks:
(have to enjoy top of the table while it lasts!)

My picks would have been similar to yours if I had seen this thread in time and submitted an entry. My main tweaks would have been fifth place for the Spurs, higher for WH and lower for Arsenal.

At this stage, I am not sure where I am with Spurs. Dele is definitely going to play more. They had a big win already which is great. I like the coach. But, they have no depth. I thought Arsenal could be better with Saka continuing to grow, but they are in a bad spot and with a bad loss in Week 1. Coach might not make September. West Ham look strong. We will see once Euro starts.

Leeds will be fine. They had a bad loss which happens with the style and a draw with about 20 shots. Southampton draw versus United was stunning. BHA with 2 wins, against anybody, is a good start. I hope they stay up. Tough to tell on Norwich since they had a tough draw in first part of season.
Leicester will be interesting to watch after WHU dominated.

I do like that Liverpool has not conceded with VVD and Matip back. Robertson out and strong performance from left back is great since it will allow Andy some rest. Harvey Elliot playing so early is good. Rotation in midfield and 5-0 with additional disallowed goals is a good start. Chelsea will be tough.

Better to be able to see me at the bottom!!

Ronaldo might be a nice, short-term solution to a problem that might or might not exist for MCI. Haaland would be a better long-term solution, for same said problem.


I find it interesting that certain players are valued by one top team but not certain other top teams. Like Mbappe and Real Madrid. Why aren’t MCI or MUN or FCB pressing for him? Don’t want a bidding war? Jersey color affinity?

CR7 back in red. Crazy week. That’ll be an upgrade over Cavani.

Wayne Rooney, who played alongside Ronaldo at United, spoke on Thursday to say he doubted that Ronaldo would risk his reputation at Old Trafford by signing for City.

And sources have told ESPN that Ronaldo was told in clear terms by former teammates that his standing in United’s history, and the affection with which he is still held by the fans, would be damaged forever if he signed for City.

I guess that does it.

There is no doubt that Ronaldo ranks among all time greats. That said, as a Liverpool fan, I am not disappointed to see United sign him. It will cause as much disruption as it solves problems. It’s not like Juve set the world on fire last 2 seasons following a move that was aimed at pushing them over the top. Next up, bring Rooney back.

You don’t get to sign the Ronaldo of ten years ago now. Just a stopping-over point until he retires to Miami.

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