Enneagram Type

I don’t like my type, don’t really think it fits, curious what other people have so I can compare myself to everyone else and feel less than.

I am whatever INTJ maps too. :nerd_face:

I am an ISTJ myself. Supposedly I am a 4w5 in the Enneagram scam, but that seems false to me. I am not creative definitionally.

Howzabout them thar quilts you CREATE???

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Sewing in a straight line is not creative. I have never designed my own quilt, I simply follow instructions!

didn’t you get some award for some SOA fiction contest? seems creative to me.

  1. That was something I’m pretty sure I shared in the (non-public) lounge…

  2. I have ability for creativity, we all do, but I don’t consider myself drawn to or defined by creativity. I don’t have the innate desire to create things. I’m not innovative. Etc.

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Apologies. I dont remember whats posted in which section, just that it was posted. Can delete if you want

Sometimes 9, sometimes 5. I think?

I think 5 is analytical and not very emotional? I think 9 is the peacemaker.

But I don’t think either of those fit 24/7.

Typical actuary: INTJ.

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I’m ENTJ… I look at your shoes when I’m talking to you!

(At least I think I am. And I think I was pretty weakly E IIRC.)

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You pick out the fabric: that’s creative!

But I get what you’re saying. I say that about cooking sometimes. It’s part art and part science. I get the science and I copy other people’s art. I can’t pan-fry chicken without a recipe.

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I am fairly strong INTP, which google tells me strongly maps to type 5 enneagram. Based on the brief description, seems about right.

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I am whichever type is too lazy to take a quiz to find out for real. anyone know what type that it?


i’m likely in this category too, but i’m definitely in this category when there is no easy link to said quiz in the op.

I’m wary of posting links to these kinds of things, as there are many “free” versions and who knows how accurate they are, and I’m not about to suggest people go pay for the official test.

I liked the Truity version.The Enneagram Personality Test

I am INFP and a type 5 on Enneagram

i did the first page and lost interest in going any further. i was neutral on most of them.

Actually, neutral on half. that’s not really most.

I recently re-took the Myers Briggs thing for work and got ISFJ, though I was really borderline ISFP and not far from ISTP - last time I took this (years ago) I was ISTP. But firmly in the ‘IS’ camp, which is not a shock.

I got a 5 on the test above, followed very closely by 6, with 4 also pretty strong. I’d say that sounds roughly right.

I got yuuuuuge 4,5,6, and 9. Sounds about right from the descriptions.