Embarrassing CAS Homepage

Perhaps only Canadians would recognize the “Casualty Actuaries” in the homepage photo as Simu Liu who played Jung Kim on Kim’s Convenience, and some guy who does 7-eleven commercials. Liu will portray a Marvel superhero in an upcoming film.


Now I’m impressed, they used real actors!

Why is this embarassing - oh wait, Canadian!


He’s not real… He’s Canadian

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Oh snap

So that’s where the exam fees are going

Why is this embarrassing?

I’m reporting Simu to the ABCD just in case someone mistakes him as an appointed actuary currently providing services.

almost as offensive as hiring straight/cis people to play gay/trans characters

Shangi-Chi Worldwide Actuarial Services ftw!

Bring back the RSS feeds!

Was Jack Black there too?


Not people

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This place is so much better than any other social media! Hard to cancel ppl here-which is a good thing

If he hated accounting, imagine what he would have thought of being an actuarial!!!

What about gay people playing straight characters? To wit: Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson.

It starts high and gets higher!

On NPR the other day they interviewed a trans-woman who is playing a sis-woman that is pregnant in some upcoming movie. I don’t remember the actor’s name or the movie’s title, and I don’t really care enough to look them up at the moment…

pc = pc + 1

Are you talking about https://www.cas.org/? I went there but couldn’t see Simu Liu anywhere on the home page. I watched the video and couldn’t spot him either.

Just like Ahhhh-nold!