Electric Vehicles

60A at 220-240V is more like 13-14kW. Assuming you’re charging a 200kWh battery from 10% to 80%, that’s a 140kWh charge, so about 10-11 hours at 13-14kW.

It looks like they aimed for about the same results as you get with the smaller EVs, the ability to recharge overnight on 220V. That’s a lot of juice. But, like other ICE/EV comparos… compared to 24mpg highway this is a lot cheaper.

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Um, my kWh rate (second tier, and yes, I hit the second tier all summer) is $0.40. That’s $56 per charge. Current (heh, never gets old) car doesn’t cost only a little more ($5 * 12 = $60) per fill-up. Yes 300+ miles on full tank. Yes, about 25MPG.
Mind you, my electricity cost is higher than most on this forum. So are my gas costs, per gallon.
I’ll defer to Mathman to check my Math, man. Math! Maaaaaan!!

Again, if I drove more or had to drive to impress people who pay me money (and who would pay me less money if they were not impressed) or have sex with me, it would be on the list of considerations (along with solar panels – large sloping roof facing southeast; that STILL does not meet a long-term B/E, barring a doubling of electric rates).

How much of your electricity comes from coal or diesel plants?

Wow, I know in San Diego it’s like $0.55 per kWh, that’s the highest I’ve heard of. But $0.40 is still very, very high. I pay $0.14 plus some taxes, like $0.16.

I’m surprised solar doesn’t make good sense at those rates, but then again the install cost might be through the roof there too.

Iirc dtnf has nice terracotta roof tiles. Not sure if that increases solar install price. His state also cut back on financial incentives to sell excess electricity back to grid, so his $ calculus has recently worsened.

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Clay tiles could be a problem. I need to do the math again here, our electricity is cheap but it’s also pretty cheap to get solar installed here. If it’s reasonably close to break even I’m gonna do it.

I do.
They are due to be replaced in… 40 years (house is already 40 years old). The panels would be replaced before they are.
My mom has them. She “leased” them for $55/two months and pays no electricity. Better than the $400 bills she was getting, but I wish she had told me. Not sure I trust the mathematics of risk here – that the company will go out of business, mainly – and what happens to the contract and the panels then.

They require a special bracket, such that the panel is mounted to the underlying roof and not the tiles, so I assume the clay tiles have to be taken off, bracket mounted, then clay tile put back on, and every time that happens it is a potential leak. Not to mention the possibility that every time someone steps on a clay tile it could break or, worse, they could slip off the roof, and land on my very old (almost drinking age) car!

Are you a SCE customer? If so, if you have an EV, you can go on a rate plan that include lower cost overnight cost. I believe it is about 16 cents per kWh.

Go to this part of their webpage, click on Residential Rates, and then choose ELECTRIC_SCHEDULES_TOU-EV-1.pdf

EDIT: actually, at top it says that one is not open any more, so maybe cannot get down to 16 cents, but I am sure you can find one with rates much below 40 cents if you charge at off peak times.

24 cents for me. Still lower,

Provided I don’t make too much money, that is. Lots of these "incentives and “rebates” are cut off at a certain income level.
It would also require me to buy a freakin’ EV.

Info on clay tiles, for the curious:

Ford EVs will soon be able to access the Tesla Supercharger network. And for 2025 models they can do it without an adapter.

Many utilities have meters that are capable of time of day rate plans. If your meter is electronic, vs the old fashioned mechanical spinning dial, there is a good chance it would handle a time of day rate plan.

I get that.
But I also heard of a plan for a separate meter for the car charger.

Oh, that’s interesting, I hadn’t heard of such. Seems like that would need a separate or secondary meter.

But I can’t find that at SCE, which is where I thought I saw it.

Is this a thing?

That’s a little hard to believe. I know creationists who went to private creationist schools who work in STEM fields. They have goofy ideas about how old the earth is, but they understand electricity as well as anyone else.

Probably not, but i would want it.
Just a potential of too many ev’s and not enough chargers.

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It’s hard to believe a dumb book exists?

Welcome to the wide world twig.

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