Electric Vehicles

Maybe if my car ran on coal theyd let me buy a cheap EV :confused:

Charging is getting faster. This gets 193 miles of range in 10 minutes. That’s about twice as fast as our VW ID.4 at its best.

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Eh. Still slower than my pit stop time for 12 gallons.
When news about cars comes from car companies and not disinterested third parties (yes, some “testing company” did the testing, but not the publicizing), “DTNF” stands for “Doubting Thomas Not FallingForIt.”

Saw this at that same site.

We have to re-build every bridge, eh? Despite the fact that EVs are out already and not destroying bridges? And, you know, tractor trailers are already a thing going over bridges. And trucks towing other heavy things?

DJT is giving the quote below a good workout -

“Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people” - attributed to H L Mencken.


Pretty close to even at this stage. EVs start the day with a full battery (around 300 miles) due to overnight charging at home or the hotel, so that’s 1.5 less filling up sessions. A 700 mile trip will take about 22 minutes of charging time versus 2 or 3 times (one of those at the start or end of the trip) filling up with gas at 5 minutes each (assuming you pee into a Gatorade bottle while you drive and prepack your lunch).

At the end of the day, the difference is only 7 to 12 minutes. Additionally, EV drivers get to walk away from the car to stretch/pee/buy and eat food while they charge.

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Gosh, you go to nice gas stations if you think folks stay with their cars

To be honest, I rarely go to gas stations anymore so my information may be out of date.

Think of all the water saved by not needing to use a real restroom though

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Um, that’s nice, though an EV driver has to plan all that.
ICE drivers eat whenever they want, pee wherever convenient, and simply pull up to a ubiquitous gas station (also, nice that there are highway signs noting long stretches where there is no gas) when running toward empty, etc. You are not making a convincing case.

Also, not all that interested in cars (ICE or EV) younger than 2010 now:

I mean, I don’t plan to churn cars every three years before something is expected to break. I’d rather be able to drive a car for 20 years without expecting electronic failures that result in having the manual handy to put the car in Neutral. So, planning to keep my present car, still. Getting a new fuel pump and filter, as it has been 200K+ miles.

The end of the day will happen at the same time, regardless of how much time you spend filling up or charging your car.

Anyone want to gift this to the cheapos?

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