DWS Salary Surveys

Am I blind or are the DWS table-based salary surveys gone? All I see are the charts…

That’s all I see also.

Yes, it’s been that way for a couple months at least, bummer.

Can’t you recreate a table using the formulas on the charts?

Wait, we didn’t all boycott this survey out of principle this year?

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How do you boycott information?

Boycott responding to their survey requests and boycott their placement services.

Dunno but this gives me a reason to just not visit their website

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I don’t think so. Table was 10-90 percentiles, formulas give you point estimates

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Yeah, this happened a while ago. Maybe even around the same time that they took down the AO. I remember thinking that DWS was making a bunch of dumb decisions all at once. Why kill their most useful resources?


Maybe now they provide that information only if you use their services.

If you want ranges, Ezra Penland has ranges: Actuarial Salary Surveys for Actuaries, the Leading Actuary Source | Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment

Like DW Simpson, Actuarialcareers does not have ranges, but they have interesting ways of looking at it: 2020 Salary Survey Results - Actuarial Careers


Well, as usual, I’m not even at the lowest point for my YOS and credential on the life survey (what I work in now) but I’m just barely inside the range for pensions, my prior area. Of course, I’m making >20% more now than I did when I worked in pensions, so…not really comforting, I guess.

Ezrp surveys always seemed crazy high to me

If I remember right, Ezra Penland shows a bigger range than DWS did. So maybe DWS was middle 75% (I forget) but Ezra Penland shows middle 85%, so the top end looks relatively high.

Also I am looking at Ezra Penland right now and it is unclear to me if this is total comp or salary.

But I tend to agree the EP has looked high to me.

DW Simpson was the middle 80%, I think. So 10% made less and 10% made more.

Ezra Penland asked me for total comp when i filled out their survey.

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Glad I’m not the only one. I look at the surveys and even though I live in the 'Po I’m not in the bottom of my range.

Unless, do people factor in health/life insurance, etc. to total compensation? Maybe I’m in reach of the lowest end.