DVD's BluRays etc

Inspired by this The Guardian article:

So, do you every so often take out a movie on disc and play it?

I don’t think I have in years. I’ll have to set up my DVD/BluRay player to the TV in the family room, but I’m not sure if the HDMI cable will reach. I have two holes in the wall to put wires through, but HDMI is pretty thick. Might just do a temporary connection for the movies.
Anywho, I should watch all the disc movies we have one more time. cuz life is short, and we never watch them again, may as well give them away.

I know of many who will “load” their DVD’s onto a Plex server and have their own “streaming” service.

Sounds like a Napster scheme, so, not very legal. Others aren’t sharing this streaming service are they?
Also, does it keep the integrity (video and audio quality) of the DVD or does it compress it further?

I have a BluRay player in a box meant for electronics recycling, though I might take it to the swap shop instead. So no.

If it’s not shared, I’m not sure there’s anything legally wrong with putting your physical media onto a server. There’s certainly nothing morally wrong.

Sharing it, different story. I’ve known people who’ve both run servers that are accessible to others and illegal and people who run their own private ones (the legality of the content in the latter case depends on the person).

I’ve still got a hard drive full of movies that is connected to a media player. I rarely use it, but others in the house still do.

The software I’ve used to rip DVDs lets you set the quality. Obviously, there’s a tradeoff of quality vs speed and space. Little of what I have is recent and the quality isn’t as big of an issue there. The DVD source for a lot of it was not great to start with. Some (mostly kid TV shows) were even ripped from a VHS source.

I have a box or two in the garage. May or may not go through them, IF I ever set up the BluRay. (Rearranged my family room, so everything needed unplugging and replugging. More complicated than that.)

Just wondering if anyone around here has an obsession/compulsion with them. I’m guessing at least 20% of actuaries and those adjacent to the field will be OCD about this.