Driving, Licensing, and Other Things That Are Bothersome About Using a Vehicle

I don’t understand the issue. It’s illegal to go faster than the speed limit in the left lane.

left lane is for passing, not cruising

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Of course it is, but it’s illegal to speed in order to pass. I pass in the left lane going the speed limit and then get back into the right lane.

Who do you pass going the speed limit?


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You’d be surprised at how many law abiders are on the road. Well, maybe not. But there are a few of us.

Not necessarily. Briefly exceeding the speed limit to allow for a faster passing (especially for two-lane highways) is often specifically excepted from speed limit laws.

But in some states, driving in the left hand lane is illegal unless you’re passing.

In many cases, some law enforcement vehicle.

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The only exception to this I can find on Google is two-lane highways for safety reasons, and a very small number of states otherwise (Idaho, maybe Minnesota and a few others?). Clearly complaints about camping in the left lane doesn’t apply to two lane highways.

As someone who does not speed even a mile an hour over the speed limit, I’m here to tell ya, most of the people on the road don’t give a shit about the law…unless you’re in the left lane, then it’s all, “TraFfIc lAWs sTaTE…”

Nothing gets people pissed off on the internet like reminding them that it’s possible to not break speed limit laws.


The best thing about driving a ranger truck is watching all the piss ass drivers freak (hard breaks, etc) 'cause they see the light bar.

Sadly for me, even the anarchist me, being a cop is being a bit of an ass hole.

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Maybe drug runners who can’t give law enforcement any reason to pull them over. I’ve heard it said that in some jurisdictions, driving 54 mph was essentially probable cause that there were drugs in the car because the drug runners were literally the only cars to obey the speed limit. (Not legal probable cause, of course, but if you saw a car going 54 mph you could be reasonably certain that was why.)

I have sped on the interstate to get in front of obviously drunk drivers before. Hopefully the cops would pull over the person weaving in & out of their lane before the person going a bit too fast to get away from them. :woman_shrugging:

I’m not out as late on the weekends as I was when I was younger and didn’t have a cell phone. I guess nowadays I’d call the cops and report the drunk driver, but I no longer have as much of a life as I used to so I see fewer drunks on the road.

When I lived in Lexington KY, being black and driving on 71 was probable cause. 6 years earlier I was a nice white boy that transported 10 grams of coke as a trial run on running kilos up that same stretch of highway. FTP.

I’ve always heard to not get in front of drunk drivers, as they can fixate on your tail lights and you’re more likely to be hit. So that’s what I have always done, AND have never been rear ended by a drunk driver, so clearly correct! I don’t know if that’s anything other than anecdote though.

Something can be the best thing to do in a situation and still against the law. Like speeding in a medical emergency. You might get out of the ticket, you might not, but (hopefully) the cop would let you get to the hospital first before writing it.

I drive the exact speed limit, and I’m not the only one out there who does. If I’m running drugs, I’d be pretty surprised. Apparently more surprised than the people zipping by me going 74, though.

Is that different than a ford ranger?

Many years ago, brother worked for the dnr…he was driving one of their cars which has the lights on top but otherwise has markings that clearly indicate it’s not a police car.

He mentioned how, as he was driving down the road, no one would pass him.

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I assumed he worked for the parks department, with Cousin Jeffrey.



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I spent years waiting for a good use for my Uncle Leo alt on the AO. Never happened. RIP AO. RIP Uncle Leo.



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