Dress as another GoA Poster for Halloween

Continuing the AO tradition…


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I got confused seeing posts I didn’t make. I forgot this is a thing being it’s a whole new forum.


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I suddenly have a craving for delicious roasted chicken!!!


I was gonna co-opt JFGs costume, but his profile is not public.

I used to dress up as Sheba Poe. But, alas, he’s not here…

image replying…

but it isn’t me…


guys, to be clear, i’m not participating in this bullshit. i know you all care deeply.


Stones, I love the Stones, I watch them whenever I can - Fred & Barney

Not this dumb thing again.


Good to know!


Was able to save the image right from the screen…

Boomers amirite

I think on the AO you couldn’t download the image right from the icon; you had to go to the person’s account.

I could be wrong.

All set now. I have AOF and JFG icons ready to switch in and out over the next 3 1/2 weeks!


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Also interesting that the avatar at the time the quote is captured is retained, even if the poster changes it.

And Meatloaf (with mustard)

FTR, if I use another poster’s avatar, I’ll “edit” it so that it’s not identical.

This isn’t fair!!!