Dreams You Remember

Did you leave your makeup on again?

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I was with some bridgeplayers and they had made this fantastic meal which I got to enjoy. Then I jumped in a little red stick shift car in a place that felt like Europe (in real life I will be driving in England in three weeks).

I was driving over a bridge on a road with maybe five lanes, I had to be careful because there were people walking across it. The road went down until I was in a swimming pool, afloat and puttering along at a slow speed. I thought, before I go any further I should go back and get any friends that wanted to come with. So I turned around and got out of the car for the moment and someone told me to shut the car off.

Evidently the spark plug - which was out in the open like in a lawnmower - was slightly misaligned and needed to be held in place properly when started. Once we did that the spark plug was somehow aligned. and I drove back over the bridge and into a hallway which dead ended at a pop machine where my female friend was - she jumped in the car and we started off again.

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I had kittens climbing up my legs while I was standing. I wound up leaning against a doorframe to steady myself after they wound up perching all over my arms and shoulders and taking naps.

I had a dream last night that I was making cinnamon buns, and it had raisins in it. “Uh oh, @Breadmaker won’t be happy about this…Maybe we just won’t tell him.”


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IFYP :+1:


The other night I dreamt that I was working on returning to the actuarial profession, but all I had to do was take university classes instead of do any FSA modules. :upside_down_face:

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My black cat went swimming (voluntarily) in some saltwater. (Might have been the ocean, but there weren’t any waves.). When he got out, he’d been bleached an orange tabby color all over. It faded away over the next couple of minutes, but while I was holding him he looked at the mirror and said, “It’s me!”

So I wanted someone else to see this incredible development and tried to get attention of someone (my wife? I don’t know.) I had 3 things to tell her. I told her #1 and #2, and then couldn’t get the cat to speak again to blow her mind. We did set him down at the edge of the water and watch him pounce in again and swim away, got back out and was discolored again.

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I was staying in a hotel, and many rooms opened on a central open space (lobby/meeting room). There was a gathering, and lots of patrons were enjoying a cocktail/snacks reception right near my room. Quite a few guests had their room doors open and were mingling in both the open space and the open rooms. I made my way through the crowd and dumped my gear in my room. I then left for a bit.

I returned a little while later, and my room door was wide open. I went in, and a couple of people were having cocktails in my room. I said WTF or something to that effect, and they said sorry. They thought I was part of the party. They seemed sincere and left.

I looked through my stuff, and noticed $200 was missing from my bag. I went to the front desk. I asked why strangers were let into my room, and let them know that items were taken. They said my room was part of a block of rooms reserved for this group. This group has open access. I made this reservation directly with you, not as part of any group. Blank stare. Fine, give me someone else’s room keys then. Sorry, can’t do that for security reasons. WTF, that’s exactly what I am talking about.

I ask them what they are going to do about this. Security will open an investigation on you to determine if you really are missing any items. You are going to investigate me instead of the employees that let strangers access my room? Yes.

Then I woke up.

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I am at some conference and @meep is complaining to everyone about a post I made on the GoA. She is upset that I plagarized her.


yeah! attribute, dammit!

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I once quoted an author to that author, thinking it was cleverly applied. She started lecturing me on attribution. I am not 100% sure she wasn’t doing so in jest. I thought the citation would have been obvious.

In real life I am an ACAS and got a 5 on one of the two remaining exams before losing the will to continue. At times later in my career I would wonder if there was any point in continuing, either for the additional income or the satisfaction of completing them.

In the dream I was trying to pass the ratemaking exam. They provided a lot of paper in an envelope, but only about half the pages were unmarked and I didn’t fancy using a slightly used piece of paper so picking out a clean sheet of paper was a distraction.

One of the questions asked what is a jewelry blank? The word wasn’t blank it was some other word I can’t remember now but evidently that was an insurance term and it became clear I hadn’t studied enough and I knew I was going to fall short and get a 4 or a 5.

I then turned to a question where you were going to have to trend the losses and bring the premium to current rate level and all that jazz en route to coming up with a rate level indication. I knew I could do it, but I didn’t fancy such a big complicated question and could sense all these younger test takers were going to crank it out faster than me.

Then I woke up a bit earlier that usual. Not getting back to sleep after that, I’m up now.

Remembered 2 dreams from last night.

First one I made chicken teriyaki. That’s it

Second I was hanging out with some acquaintances at a party in Houston. I had an unusually large smartphone with lots of attachments. I left it and my wallet on the table when I went to grab some food at the nearby spread. I came right back, and everyone was gone along with my phone and wallet. I thought they were pranking me, so I just hung out a bit. As time passed, I started thinking about how screwed I was alone in another city with no wallet or phone. I was trying to think of places I could go where I might find them, as I don’t know Houston well at all. Then I woke up.