Doubt the fake narrative, thread locked just like AO

Posted an article proving Fauci was engineering sars hiv chimera in China through back door funding as called out by Rand Paul, Fauci does nothing but lie.

Show cdc, nih and Biden all said if vaxx’d can’t spread can’t get, all lies.

Show the vaccine is created from a sequence from the lab in China that was doing the engineering.

Nations w higher vaxxx rates have highest cases and deaths in vaxx’d.

Jacksheepleass brains can’t think for themselves and mindlessly believe the narrative despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary so as the cognitive dissonance goes to 11 they call Lucy and cry wanting the truth to go away saying its dangerous….

1 6 month study where 15 vaxx’d died and 14 placebo died and they were all hurriedly vaxx’d isn’t proof it works…nor is lower symptoms as that same person didn’t have covid wo the vaxx.


I recognize most of the individual words, but when read together I think this is in a language I’m not familiar with.


Honestly I hoped the Rickson thread would be about the Lab-Origin. Not a mediocre republican drug and incredibly stupid math.

What you and most don’t see is that if there’s an effective treatment the emergency use authorization goes away and they can’t inject the population….with the engineered sars/hiv chimera. The S1 hook is the bioweapon Fauci homies cooked up and provided as the pattern for the shot.

None of the vaccines in the market are approved for use, what was approved doesn’t even exist yet.

So you aren’t getting a vaccine….they lied and associated that word with an injection of mRNA and the recombinant agents to spread the bioweapon….it’s a sure way to make sure you have infected 60%+ of the adults and got it past the immune system which there is no guarantee out in the wild….

Seems like maybe you’re trying to say a lot of different things at the same time here. Can you focus your point a little more?

I think we need more discussion of topics like this, but I honestly don’t understand what you’re saying with your disorganized opening statement.

What’s the source of some of these things you’re mentioning and what do the you feel the appropriate interpretation is?

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What does this even mean?

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Please don’t let this troll infest this place.


Has Rickson gotten worse since coming over to GO or have I just blocked out his AO posting?

It was always awful. He (and the inability to moderate him) was a primary driver of me leaving AO political back in the day.

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I think he is probably worse given how much covid conspiracy is out there and politicians and others that repeat it.

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