Double rich chocolate was a bad choice

Anyone here drink whey?

I got the double rich chocolate flavor, I can barely finish, this stuff is nasty.

Chocolate peanut butter was better, imo.

Is it missing sugar?

What brand? I get the stuff (a big bag) from Costco, but I mix with whole milk, not just water.

Double rich anything is a bad idea.

Dark chocolate covered Oreos with chocolate creme is a good choice.

Been a few days, I guess I got used to it now. I don’t think it mixed well the first time around. I still have 57 scoops to go until I can try another flavor. Maybe I’ll get smaller buckets so I can try them all.

I use Revolution Nutrition, High Whey product.

Flavors I like:
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Chocolate Cake
Maple Syrup Donut

Flavors I didn’t care for, but YMMV:
Vanilla Cake
Krispy Marshmallow
Chocolate Banana Creme Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie

Best tasting protein powder brand out there

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how long did it take you to go through all that?

are u jacked

Probably three to four years or so. Scoop a day for me, scoop a day for my wife, plus wife likes to bake things with them

You can try flavors for cheap if you want-

High Whey Mini - Premium Quality Real Dessert Flavours - Revolution Nutrition (

Is that from Optimum Nutrition? I LOOOOVVVVEEE that stuff!

Have you tried chocolate peanut butter? It was better, imo.

I think peanut butter is gross.

Is your brand Optimum Nutrition?

I try to get it in the 10 lb bags when I can.

meh, protein is protein. Never hated it, never LOOOOOOOVVVVEEED it. I chug it, don’t need much flavor. But I usually go with vanilla or chocolate, nothing fancy. I think I’ve had one that tasted like creamcicle in the past. Decided that if I wanted fancy flavors, I’d go for ice cream.

I use my protein supplement as a dessert at night. Mix a scoop w/ 20 oz of milk and consume it from like 8-9 pm.

I remember the 1 month span in 2020 where I was working out and making smoothies. Vanilla powder with frozen raspberries was A+

Those all sound really sweet. How much sugar do they add? I guess i drink hot cocoa, but it just seems weird to me that protein powder comes sweetened.

(I eat plenty of protein and have never tried the supplement, as you can probably guess.)

Stevia, not sugar. As to how much… :man_shrugging:

I can’t even stomach most protein powders they taste so bad, so this helps

Eww. Okay, I guess I won’t be trying any of those. Thanks.

There usually isn’t any sugar in protein powders unless you’re buying weight gainer

“I was just learrrrninnnng toooo luuuuuv…”