Don't say gay bill

Okay somebody fill me in here because I’m out of the loop on this. Is this bill as dumb as the name would imply? Like you can’t say gay?


I thought it was a joke but apparently it’s real

…and it’s ridiculous.

and a waste of time and harmful.

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lol just read up on it. FL amirite

Sounds like a gay bill if you ask me.
I’ll see myself out.

Link? I have no idea what the topic is.

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CS don’t do no links.


For those who, like me, have no clue about this:

Relevant section from the Slate article:


Florida sucks.

But it doesn’t uniquely suck. I wonder how many states will try something like this.

If I can’t say Gay Bill, how do we differentiate Straight Bill from Gay Bill?

Can you still say “fabulous”?

Bump, for Governor Vladimir DeSantis, punishing companies who do not agree with him,

The interesting thing here is that there is a “Reedy Creek Improvement District” that has a lot of the powers that has a good deal of responsibility:

District encompasses approximately 25,000 acres in both Orange and Osceola counties, servicing 19 landowners, including Walt Disney Co. and its wholly-owned affiliates.

The District is responsible to oversee land use and environmental protections within the District, and provide essential public services ( e.g. fire protection, emergency medical services, potable water production, treatment, storage, pumping & distribution, reclaimed water distribution, chilled and hot water systems, wastewater services, drainage and flood control, electric power generation & distribution, and solid waste and recyclables collection & disposal); regulate the EPCOT Building Code; and operate and maintain all public roadways & bridges.

Attacking the area’s largest employer doesn’t seem like something small government Republicons usual do.

Not featured in the Slate article (don’t act shocked): “primary school” means grades K-3.

Was anyone here taught about sexual orientation or gender identify in kindergarten through 3rd grade? I know I wasn’t but I’m also old. I don’t think I missed anything important at those ages and I don’t think these kids will either.

Obviously in grades 4+, gender identity or sexual orientation should absolutely be taught in an age-appropriate manner.

For me, the controversial part of the bill is that it allows parents to sue over what is age-appropriate. But that isn’t Disney nor the progressives’ objection to the bill. What is their objection again?

Is that obvious?

I think so. Would you argue they should be taught in an age-inappropriate manner? Obviously the issue is defining what is age-appropriate and that’s why I don’t like the idea of allowing karens to sue over it. Likely will tend to have a chilling effect JMO

I still haven’t seen progressives articulate any nuanced take against the bill, just the catchy labeling and expecting the masses of uninformed to oppose on that basis.