Dominion Voting v Fox News

Hi. I know this is not the first question people ask, but is it likely the defendant had some liability insurance (Media Professional Liability)? That’s not a coverage I worked with. Is there some reason that coverage would exclude payment here? What about spreading the policy limits over multiple policy years?

Just like most personal insurance coverages, intentional acts are often excluded for indemnity payments; but the legal costs might still be covered (and subject to limits unlike personal insurance).

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Often, the triggers for coverage will be the time frame for each act committed and tied to the policy (or policies) covering that time.

If there are more triggers than what the policy allows for, there could be a “reinstatement” clause where the policyholder could pay a premium to reinstate the limits for additional triggers.

But I doubt that the cost for one trigger will be “spread over multiple years’ worth of limits”.

some prof liability coverages are on a claims made basis. the claim being when the suit was filed. so single year.