Dominion suing the lying liars

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I read about this in… either NYT or The Economist this morning… can’t recall. I’m very :popcorn:


Any ideas about suing some of these news organizations for pushing vaccine misinformation? I could see a wife whose husband refused to get vaccinated and died of Covid going after them. No idea how that could hold up in court. I definitely think this is how you protect free speech and combat lying though. Sue the liars every time their lies cause damage.

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Fox lost its challenge to be removed from the suit. This could get popcorn worthy.

For those who like to read while eating popcorn:

So the recent issue seems to be over whether they could sue Fox Corp in addition to just Fox News. Fox Corp lost.

The New York Times recently won a case brought by Sarah Palin. But:

This will be interesting. I’m sure there is a high bar for Dominion to clear for them to prevail and I don’t think any of the early claims are problematic as that was legitimate news even if it was relatively quickly debunked.

I think it’s Fox continuing to push it after it was debunked and Dominion asked for and did not get corrections is where Fox seems like they may get in trouble.